Into the Medicine

It might be a headache
But what it is I can't say
Do I need to take some aspirin
Or do I want it to go away?

I have a strange feeling
I don't know what it is
My senses are all distorted
And it all started from a kiss

It all happened so quickly
I don't know where to start
I just remember what happened then
The day you stole my heart

And with that kiss I started floating
Way up into the sky
I've detached from all reality
This is the most unbelievable high

From way up here
I feel such bliss
And it all started
From one simple kiss

Each time that I taste your lips to mine
It sets me into space
And as I come down slowly
I crave another taste

A dose of your love is intense
It's addictive, and extremely enjoyable drug
If it were a pill it would be illegalÂ…
So I'll settle for a smaller dose - a hug.

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