Lost My Little Job Again

How did I do it?
Does anyone care?
I lost my little job again
At the local daycare

I did it before
And I did it again
Once at : this i know
And once at lLittle Country ( Inn)

How did I do it
Ask if you dare
How did I lose my jobs twice
At the local daycare?

Well, let me tell you it took lots of guts
I gave it my all
I must have been nuts.

For who would have tried twice to accomplish such a feat?
To be totalled disillusioned, disgusted and beat.

Well, my heart is broken
So what is new?
Maybe I'll join the Subway crew.

I've done that before too.
What more do I have to lose?
My pride is so sore.
What could they do
Just show me the door.

Believe you me I know where that is.
I'm an expert at door finding
After all
IIIt's the only place you'll find to get through a wall.

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