C'mon Little Girl

Look at that boy as he walks on by
He’s looking good to you little girl, isn’t he?
So what if you love someone else, that’s long passed by.
You’re not supposed to love bad men, let it go, better not cry

"Why can’t they just leave me alone"

C’mon little girl, let’s get it together
C’mon little girl, it’s time you did better
C’mon little girl, pick yourself up off the floor
C’mon little girl, you can take it some more

"And just let me be who I want to be?"

Smile for us little girl, it’s what you’re supposed to do
Laugh don’t cry little girl, is what we expect of you
Keep your mouth shut little girl, you’ve no more talking to do
Leave your thinking little girl, to those that know better than you

"When will they understand I can’t change what I feel?"

Taste the salt of your tears little girl, it’s time to let them run dry
Feel the weight of your heart little girl, enough to make you want to die
Lick up your wounds little girl, they should have long since healed
It’s time to bury the past little girl, your hands already been dealed...

"Lay down In the dirt for them little girl, while they bury your soul"

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