I drive by your house knowing your not home
Knowing you’re with him just drives it home
You say I drove you to him
But seems that you choose to drive to him
You made the choice to cheat and lie
I made the choice to give up and die
You say you don’t know what you’re feeling
Meanwhile my heart is reeling
You say that you care about me
Then why can’t you see what you’re doing to me
You want to divorce me so you can be free
Then why don’t you put me out of my misery
If you had not gone to him
We wouldn’t be like this
I wish you had made me see
How much I was neglecting thee
I was in a rut and ignored your love
I was a fool to do that to you
Do you really want to throw twenty years away
Just cause I didn’t listen to your day
We could recover our love I just know it
If you would just let me prove it
You say your love for me has died
But it was always there shining from my eyes
We were making plans for our future
And I find out your making plans with out me in it
You’re acting like a lovesick teen
While your letting him come between
You say there is no us
But I never knew that
It came as a shock
When you told me and broke my heart
All I wish for is a chance
Just a chance

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