You said you'd never leave me,
Which didn't really take.
Be wary of most promises,
Especially those you make.
As if tempting the fates,
You said we were soulmates.
You said "for her ring finger!"
A girl might want to linger
If you state that you will marry,
She might just want to tarry.
I never misled you,
But you ignored my trust.
I must have mistook you,
Was it really only lust?
The things that I would give you,
Are shadows in the dust.
Secrets and lies
And false alibis
Make the heart break.
Remember your mistake.
Words were said,
Trust was dead,
And the memory does haunt you:
Oh love betrayed,
Should I have stayed?
You were right of course, lover.
My heart will recover.
My tears last only days--
But your uncertainty:
Should I have let her go?
And this you'll know--
You'll dread the answer,
Always, always.

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