Title: Alone
Author: Tonya Slington

As I sit at home alone
I wonder what draws you away
The hours linger on
It gets harder every day.

My trust in you is strong
I start to question why you go
Is it game or drink or girl
If I think the last then I know I'm wrong

Is it too much time at home
Are you bored with your life
Do you need an office of your own
Are you tired of me as your wife.

As I sit here on the porch
I try to deal with my thoughts
I dont know how to tell you how I feel
Will you get sad, will you get mad, Should I tell you or not.

I tell my self just let it go
He'll be home in an hour or two
But then that next time comes so soon
It truly hurts my heart and I dont know what to do

I sit and wait for the phone to ring
For you to tell me your on your way
Then you'll pull into the drive
And we can call and end to this day.

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