We Can't Just Be Friends

we can't just be friends
because I love you
I can't just forget
my heart, my passion for you
it has burnt deep
and carved many holes
the cold sweat of a bad dream
how you've ripped apart my soul
our story has ended
like many before
now it is written in history books
thats all it is, nothing more
the hurt will heal
the pain will decrease
the love will soften
and one day, i will be released
your face, it haunts my dreams
and now I don't know how to live
or how I went wrong
what more could I give
so I figured this is life
might as well live it out
if you have moved on
I will find a way to live without
all that I would swear is true
but somehow
I can live without you
the ebb, the flow
the feelings will pass and go
and I will find happiness again
I know.

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