Let Love In

Love was lost deep within
I never thought I'd feel it again

Then one day, out of the blue
I met a girl; who I already knew
My emotions began to flow
The passion, I felt it from head to toe

All the feelings came back to me
But my damaged heart wouldn't let it be
To love again
To take that chance
Could it be a real romance?

At first my heart said No to me
My mind shut down and I was blind to see
What's happening now, is the reality
I can't choose who to love; love chose me

So I opened my heart, and let it be
I fell in love with Rosaly
And if I'm hurt, it's not as bad
As not taking the chance
On what we could have had

My feelings became more clear
Everything seemed to flow easier
I opened my heart and let love in
To start a new hope again

Though it was hard at first
I'm glad my heart did not burst

Feelings came to me now so easily
My mind went crazy and let me see
I could see through the heartache of the past
A real love that could prove to last

My heart and mind could finally agree
This girl they call Rosie is best for me

After a bit of a self shove
I could finally admit it...
I fell in love.

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