my shelly

I think about you every moment of the day
I think about your smile
and your loud laugh that had people saying
"Shush Shelly!"

I think about all the family holidays
how your 2ND birthday was on thanksgiving
how you sneezed on your cake
me, you, and mom were the only one's
that would eat it
i was 7 and didn't care

how you also stole my orange juice
out of my hand at McDonald's
then left me with tiny bits of bacon
that I would find by
drinking them through my straw

I think of how you lived
when they all thought
you were gonna be born dead
how you walked
when they said you would simple be
a vegetable

you took the world by storm
you didn't play by any one's rules
but your own

I think about all the joy
you are responsible for spreading
you always made me laugh
you made everyone laugh

like the times I took you to
the dollar tree
I ALWAYS let you get what you wanted
be it a watch
an extension cord
or toys for your imaginary dog

there is the time you got dog jerky
for bingo
i thought you would give it to your real dog
But you never did
instead I came in the house to find
you eating it
my eyes got big
I asked what you were doing
you laughed and got another piece
mom and dad laughed hard
i was disgusted

you were bad about drinking drinks
that were just sitting around
one time i was driving
and you spit something
all over the back of my head
and said "YUCK" very loudly
I looked back
you had a horrible look on your face
and a bottle of vinegar in your hand
you always asked for something to drink
after that

you had a sweet side
when you saw me crying
you would sit down and ask
what was wrong
in your sweet voice
you would tell me not to cry

I was your Big Sister
and you were my brat
I will always love you
'Cuz that's what big sisters do

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