One way elevator

Out the front door and into civilization i walk
The air around me whispers trouble, disturbance
The whisper breaks into a clear tone of distress and big talk
The black skies surround me and interrogate me
The gray seas seep into me and drown me
The very dark forest of plagued civilization pokes my eye
with fingers of acid they conceal half my vision
yes i am in pain but i can still see , yes with my good eye
Color to me is black and white, yes that is all i see
routine is to me like a poisoned fruit
yet only enough to make me sick and keep me alive
yes alive so i can see the pain of man in one hiccup
To see the world with one eye and to perceive nothing
To see change, to see positive influence, that keeps a pixel in me
yes a pixel of color, bright, beautiful color
The color is a repurchaser for my soul, yes my life
In the world i walk, even the road i run, run with a staggering struggle
The flowers are just weeds, weeds with the beauty of a colorless rainbow
Escape keeps my pixel bright and change keep me singing
yes every day and every night
I want to escape from this world and go far far away
Yes please take me on the one way elevator

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