What Gives You The Right?

What gives you the right to deceive and hurt me? To take my life and make it seems as if I have nothing. Who are you to judge me and call me names when all I have ever done is love you? What makes you think that after all youve done that I should still be there for you 100%.Why do you try to blame me for what you did wrong? You always try to turn things around on me, but not this time. Why do you act like if you have done nothing wrong? These are the questions I wish you would answer, but you see them as having no point, but to me this is all I have. You can lie to me and tell me what it is I want to hear. Instead you get mad. You don't understand me when I cry, you don't show that you love me, when I'm upset you tell me to get over it, how can I get over this, can't you see I'm confused, I don't know what to do. I feel lost and I can't find myself and you can't even see that I'm coming to you for help. Can you not see through my smiles and my laughter all the pain that I am hiding? Do you even see me when your eyes are staring at me? When I tell you I love, do you not feel the hate that comes with it? When I hug you don't you feel emptiness? So what gives you the right to try and break me, to try and make me weak?

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