A Story Tale

A story tale:

Your love is so addictive that I just wanted you to know from the first moment I met you I knew I was going to be hook from the very first start!

Your is love is uncontrollable that the road it travels on that is embraces to its own journey

Your love is so beautiful that it holds the moments of the sunrise and the sunset with each moment in your day

Loving you turns the darkness into the lights that is only shined by you and only you
Loving you brings a new kind of light to my soul that just can't stop shining all because of you

Loving you gives me a new kind of fire a fire that is only kept by you
Loving you gives me sweetest passion a flame that keeps burning just for you

But never again will I let you fool me or believe you
Your choices to took away any chance I will ever believe you ever again if still you love me

But never again will I fall down right in front of you
Never again will I ever let you see who I am now inside

But never again will you find a love just like mine
Never again will I let you hold me
Never again will you ever have my love since my love will be finally gone

Here's one ending that could have been yours an happy ending
Two hearts belong together here's one ending

Here's one more ending that should be yours a real happy ending
A love that is rare that was uncovered by us only chosen for us the rarest purest heavens gift for just the two us meant for us

Here's an ending here is just another ordinarily ending that wasn't a spouse to end up for us
Here's an ending of an great love here's is the ending of what happen to us
It just turns out to be just another ending

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