i'm heart broken but still see the need to go on

You made my life worth living.
You made my dreams worth believing in,
You made me a better person,
You help me see they is life after pain and sorrow,
You believed in me when everyone doubted me,
Throught ups n downs you stood by my side,
Now that your gone and not here with me anymore,i dont see myself being a happy person if your not in my life.We were soulmates,each other halfs,but now all you left me is regrets and more pain and sorrow.You broken my heart.
But now i know u made me a stronger person,because of all this i now know that i should never make that mistake again,for u taught me a valuable lesson.After all this i am finding myself in a better place and once in my life,i am finding self confidence to know that they is life after your gone.

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