Saying Good-Bye

She was the light,
that shone the way,
A wondrous person
that brightened any day.

A beautiful diamond
full of worth,
A precious gift,
sent temporarily to Earth.

We watched her weaken slowly,
as time drifted by,
worried for us,
but wanting to die.

Such pain and agony,
lay in her wake,
trying to hold on
at least for our sake.

Sitting by her bedside,
not knowing what to say,
nothing else to do,
but to hope and to pray.

Then, one night,
a hushed promise in her ear,
although she did not speak,
all knew she could hear.

She held on for so long,
used up all her might,
and even though it hurt,
she put up a great fight.

That heartless disease,
took away her life,
a loved daughter,
sister, mother, grandmother, and wife.

The angry sickness,
had devoured flesh and bone,
her spirit flies with the angels,
but her body lie beneath stone.

Now, I wonder,
whats the better way to die,
leaving abruptly,
or Saying Good-bye.

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