The Break-up

I wish it would have lasted.
But it was all a dream.
Especially after how much I thought we were meant for each other.
Now I’ve come to find out that is not true.
It all started with the sweetest conversation.
You spoke the sweetest words, and I gave the sweetest looks.
I suddenly noticed the sparks between us.
I noticed how you looked at me from the corner of your eyes when I wasn’t looking.
I noticed how you found little ways to flirt.
As we took a little walk down the hall, the moment of truth finally happened.
You asked me to be your girl and I gladly excepted.
For the first couple of weeks it went pretty good.
We didn’t talk much but we knew each others feelings.
Everybody complimented us on our relationship.
We had many things in common.
But after that I started to get mixed feelings.
I felt that you had all of a sudden dropped your feelings for me.
I had the feeling that you wanted to move on .
I wish it would have lasted, I’ll say it again.
But since we’re not meant for each other maybe we can be friends.

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