Loving Strength

Before I cry myself to sleep, before ever shedding a tear,
Before I think I want you back, or think I need you here,
I think about the times we had, and the things we use to do....I think about how you loved me, and how I loved you too...
I'd think about the things you'd say, and how I would feel inside...
and think about the things you'd do, and how you crushed my pride.
I'd think about how I'd always stay, even after all that you had done...
I think about the strength I have now, and realize then that I had none.
You were a trap for which I was caught, but my strength has set me free.
You were a lesson for which I was taught, to help me learn more about me.
To learn how to love someone, but to know I do have pride...
And to learn I don't need anyone, standing by my side.
And to know that I will love again, but through experienced eyes I'd see.
And to know that the greatest part of this love, was the strength I found in me.

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