What G?

You say you know yourself
Your wants and needs
When I heard your sales pitch
I was intrigued
As you kicked G
Or as I call it your true insecurity
Because if you were a man indeed
You would be satisfied with one key
A true man wants to work for what he's got
Don't forget that key belongs
Only to one lock
It may fit in many keyholes
But won't turn
But if it's in the right one
The fire will ignite and burn
You display no affection
But never the less need all the attention
I don't have to get at you physically
Because I break you down lyrically
As you refer to girls as easy
The shoe may be on the girls feet
You would be like a dog in heat
Girls might perceive you as a piece of meat
Easy prey that's how some girls
Want to start off their day
You look for an easy way to make some doe
I ain't no hoe or ditsy chick that will go with the flow
You think your the master of manipulation
But your mistaken
A true manipulator will not fall
He or she would be ahead of them all
As you use the saying don't hate the player
Hate the game
I think you need to look at the frame and see that it's
Checkmate so what is there to hate
I thought you could have loss to better pieces
But here's my thesis
Your verbally abusive to a female
Because you think they're inferior
You want to feel like their superior
You think with your good looks it's a charm
But any girl rather date the hunchback of Notre Dame
Without your good looks and your clothes
Where would you be
Would I be intrigued by your mentality
You can't see a female educated and liberated
You try to take it away and fade it
So she is degraded
But as I state it
You think you are liked by many when
You are truly hated
The worst thing is thinking you have friends
When in reality they will all back down in the end
Standing alone, trying to defend
The things you can't mend
So you pretend
You can withstand the power of any man's hand
Oh a blow to the pocket ain't that low
That just goes to show with my words
How they will mess up your flow
Now your games have come to a stop
You heard my thesis but i move you with telekinesis
Manipulating you
Breaking you down into pieces

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