I Still Love You

As days go by I keep thinking things will be easier and I will be able to get over you and get you out of my mind and heart. By the end of each day I realize that I can’t do that and I can’t help thinking of you again. The way you use to hold me tight and make me feel like everything would be alright and the touch of your lips next to mine made me get this tingly feeling all inside. I gave myself to you, my body, my heart, and my soul but you paid me back with something I could have never imagined in my whole life. The pain you caused me I do not wish it upon anyone else because it felt like someone ripping me apart piece by piece. Like someone stabbing me over and over again. You stepped all over my heart and I don’t think I will ever be the same again. It’s been over a month now since we broke up, but it feels like it was just yesterday. Why did you do it? I will never understand. You told me I love you countles!
s of times, but where was all that love at that time. Many nights we talked about getting married and having a family that is all in the past now. It hurts to think of how happy we could have been, but that is just a dream now, actually its way farther then a dream because it is impossible. Threw out our relationship we had our ups and downs but I loved you no matter what. I can’t help feeling so much love for you and that is what confuses me the most. I should not love you I should hate you for what you have done, but the sad thing is I can’t. And when I start thinking how it is all your fault I can’t helping feeling like it was all me. Many people keep telling me to get over you, that you do not deserve my love, but it is hard to take back something that you gave unselfishly and truly for the very first time. People tell me I deserve better but I still love you and l try to forget about the good times we had. Love is not a game yet you thought it was. But now I know th!
e truth about why you left and I can now move on. I hope you are happy
now because there is no turning back with this relationship. You lost me for good no turning back I found someone new that I knew my whole life and he won't let me down. He loves me for me not what I have or what I look like. I thank you so much for breaking my heart now I can mend my heart back together again with a real love that won't put me down. Now I have a perfect relationship but I am sure you already knew that. I was sick and tired of all your lies now its time to give you up. Just remember you messed up and I still Love you and I always will but we will never be together again.

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