Unseeing Eyes

he looks to the sky, to her beautiful face
to the car in the drive and the rocket in space
he looks, again, but never sees
the pain he has caused to little old me
he wants to be my friend, he says
but never is there to prove that he cares
for he's gazing into another's eyes
being her friend, telling her lies
he tells her he loves her, that he'll never leave
in truth, that's the same thing that he said to me
he told these lies, kept me in his arms
then lost interest and did the harm
eyes turned to another, shiny and new
full of ideas for fun things to do
the sad thing is, she'll never know
until she's mourning, full of woe
for he's struck again, he's made his mark
now the time has come to find a new heart
one he can ruin and rip into shreds
and then leave again, for his search never ends
he'll strike and he'll strike until he finds the one
who will love him forever, even when life's done
its worst and he's wretched, tired and cold
asleep on the sofa, dying and old
he should get some new eyes, a pair that will see
that the person for that is little old me
i'll love him forever, though i already see
my date is expired, he doesn't love me

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