It gave me no warning, it went straight for the heart
It pulled me in and tore me apart

You think you know of sadness, you think you of pain
You think you know the darkness, and of the souls it clamed

You think u know of teardrop and the hurt from which each one came
Pray you never know my world ,where teardrops fall like rain

I know the darkness, this place of lost dreams
this place which knows nothing of mercy,no one to hear your screams

I have found there is darkness within the darkness
I have become one with the darkness
the darkness has become me

Drowning within an ocean of pain and sorrow ,
I can not, i will not face yet another tomorrow

I have, there is...... no place left to run

one bullet in my gun
As the chamber slowly turns,
yes happyness is a warm gun
Drowning in a river of tears

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