The Dancer

She glittered like minnows in starlight,
and spun and tripped and stripped
before the open mouths of gaggle-crats
whom purchase the site by the square inch.

Adulation and money are her reasons,
and she ignores the tragedy of the audience
as well as the coldness of the season.

But she is twenty three and getting old,
she needs professional exposure to expose her
and must do something bold to be sold.

She knows for so litte she can get an awful
as she jumps off the stage and runs
to her parking spot.

The cop was parked behind a billboard,
when she blasted onto the street in a cloud
of blue smoke and rubber fumes that soared
over him as the siren screamed so loud.

And just for fun, she swerves and hits
every garbage can along the street,
and throws out beer bottles that burst into bits.

Then smiling her brightest smile
she slams on the brakes,
just as TV cameras make several "takes,"
as they handcuff her, while she makes
a sexy show,
and the reporters state; "She's a real pro!"

Now, she's a featured Star
at the Jelly Roll Bar,
and they come to see her
from near and far,
and, "Oh Yes," She wants to thank
all the old fossils
and the MEN in BLUE,
who make this world safe,
for me and you!"

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