your worth


How do you measure the worth of your self?
How do you judge the person you are today?
Do you let the opinions of the world validate your wealth?
Do you listen to others and what they have to say?

Is someone else?s opinion higher than your own would be?
Do others make the choices as to where your life will go?
When you look in the mirror do you like the person that you see,
Or must you ask the mirror for the answers you should know?

Is it you who decides where the moral lines are drawn?
Or must you take a survey to be sure where they will go?
Do you follow others through the journey your life is on,
Or is it you who determines what seeds you are going to sow?

When you have a good idea or a plan in sight,
And others are allowed to place doubt upon your mind,
Will you follow through simply knowing that you are right?
Or listen to those doubts and leave your plans behind?

Are you the captain that leads you through your course at see,
Or do you float on life?s currents passing through each day?
Are you the one who predicts what your future will be,
Or is your life based on what others do and say?

So which category do you find yourself to belong in?
Now take your time be totally honest with yourself.
Do you measure your self-value by popular opinion,
Or do you alone determine the price of your self-wealth?

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