Yesterdays hug

Held tightly in the grasp of your arms
A wave of emotions rush up the bones in my spine
My breath ceases for a few brief seconds
Yes as if time stopped just for me
Your arms make me feel so special
They make me know you want me
your arms wrap me up like the perfect gift
Like an ancient clay vase your hug is priceless, yes, priceless
When i am not in your arms i am in an endless dark cave
a cave of loneliness, sadness and a pit of emptiness
When i am in the clutch of your fingers
Yes the very embrace of your arms
Then i am a cup full of water, yes i am complete
The moment itself quickly disappears behind times shadow
Only a telescope looking back into the past
But the memory, yes the very meaning of that hug
Lasts for all ages, yes until time itself stops ticking
forever, always in the bank of time, forever
Yet that was all yesterday, yes the past, and now, oh now its over
You are only alive in my dreams, hugging me
Hugging me through a mirror of fantasy
Life was so sweet with you in it, now the only sweet thing is
my dreams for you are always waiting for me there
You are waiting to hug me for the last time
I will always remember that warm embrace of inseparableness
It was like copper yesterday
but today it is like sparkling gold studded with emerald green diamonds
Because now you are gone, yes you are gone
Your warm arms capture me in a net for one last time
They capture me with a tear, yes a tear of sugar sweet honey
If i could hug you one last time and never let go
i look into your eyes with my mind and we are together again
Together in each others arms
I will remember, yes i will remember my most treasured memory
Yesterdays hug

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