What a man wants what a man needs

A beam of light shines through
can i believe what i see
Or do i accept it is not true
A dim candle, a pot of gold, none can it be

This is what i perceive, This what i know
A drop of water, a spot of mist
The ancient, the unforeseen sparkles aglow
All is invisible, clenched in the grasp of a tight fist

Come stay with me, come and observe my way
Shame and oppression are my witness
Beauty and mystery are clear like an autumn day
This is what i like and this is what i want

A trickle in the lake a whistle in the hot spring
To see not all but to hear what is sound
Surrender i must, loud and bold must i sing
Prosperity, serenity and nature are found

Man is fragile man is strong, yet he is weak
A broken word is sharp, sharp to make one bleed
Not all is peace, not one is bleak
This is what i love, this is what i need

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