Besiege Me

Inspired by passion and written for the world

Behold the stars that burn like beacons in the night
Besiege the breath of wind and fire
Upon the evening of my twilight

For as I look upon the stars shall I hold you
In my heart upon the sea an endless ocean
Beacons with the essence of your name

A place for now I wonder but my thoughts are not the same
For I have long endured love
And felt the hurt by passions flame
Withered by the years the tears shall turn to dust

Longing to be the candle
That's whisper the essence of your name
Besiege me but do not love me for my spirit will remain

I am like the wave of an endless ocean
That travels out upon the wind for I am the light of heaven
That beats within the window of my soul

I am the one that is open
You are the one that makes me whole
You are the one that has defined me
You are the light within my soul

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