I Like Your Poetry ButÂ…

How long have you been doing this?
Writing poems in secret...
Are they all about me?
Or do you have other women on your mind?
Did you throw them out there for me to find?
Or was that just a fluke?
Surely, they are not an attempt at wooing me.
What need have you for that?
You already have a woman.
Who you swore you would never leave from the start
And even to this day.

Were you jealous of that boy?
The thought never occured to me till now.
You, jealous?
You, who had your way with whomever you liked
You, who had a woman and a good home, security in your life.
Jealous of me?
It couldn't be.

Did it move you, the way I smiled at him.
Did you watch me as he read his verse to me.
I barely remember his face.
I recall his poetry rather sucked
I was only happy to find another
Who appreciated the art as I do.
So rare are poets nowadays.
I thought maybe I found someone who I could read mine too.
And who'd actually be interested in them.
That's all.

I didn't know you were watching, observing
Until you said those words.
A forebearer of things to come.
Now, I don't know what to think
Of your strange, mysterious words.
Am I to believe you have a soul now?
Did you choose to hide it then?
I thought I knew you when you said,
"It's amazing how much a man starts to like poetry
Once he smells pu**y"

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