What Now????

So....What now?.....I don't know...
How far do we let this thing go
How long have we waited for something like this
and are we ready to just stop, and say no...to our hearts?
Would it be so bad if we just kept on loving?
Why tear this thing apart?
You know it feels so right when we're in each others arms!
Sharing our most intimate selves....in the dark.
I love your smile, you love my charm
But that's only the start...the list goes on and on
Could we walk away from what we've built?
Would it really releive us of the guilt?
Or would we spend the rest of our lives pining for each other, discontented with the life we were dealt?
So what now? are we any more the wiser
Do we just go on as we were, dipite the fact that
He and Her would dispise of us if they knew?
I know I don't want to live without you
You have my heart in it's entirity, it's true
Don't leave me blue, though I won't beg you
I need to hear that you love me as dearly
That you can't bear the thought of not being near me
Not being able to run to me when nobody hears you
Unable to melt into me as I make love to you
Are you really asking me "what now"?
Or could it be a simple sign, for you to accept
that it's time to admit we're in love, and have lit
a fire that will burn eternally within you're heart and mine?

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