Three Poems

I thought I'd give destiny a test.
A probability experiment.
I posted some poems
To see what the outcome would be.
One was shown, another wasn't
One dissapeared but made an appearance
During the most inopportune times.
I blame no one but destiny.
The poems have their own personality.
One said "no," one said "yes," the other said "maybe."

If I can't make up my own mind,
I thought I'd let destiny work it out.
Destiny was especially cruel.
She didn't seem to have a doubt.
The dice was rolled and she said "no."
Only a week after saying "yes."
"No" was hiding.
I thought she had vanished
As "maybe" did.

Have you ever tried to test destiny?
Do you like codes and riddles and games?
Do you read me like a puzzle to see what pieces fit?
So you can always know I'll be around?
You read my smiles, my sighs, my frowns.
You always knew just what to say.
How I wanted you to fall on your face one day.
And fumble a bit, fidget, lose your temper
And show me that I bring out some emotion in you.
Nothing would have won me over more than that.
Then I'd know that I had the power to make you feel something
And that I'll always own some piece of you
No matter how small.
But I guess it doesn't matter now.
And I guess destiny never really cared
That I wanted it to have a say
Cause I still can't say no.

I searched for clues so I could solve
The mystery of you.
But instead, I stumbled onto the world
Of other lovers
Also, obsessing, longing loving.
I thought there should be a reason why
You make me feel the way you do.
I laugh at myself now, like there would be
Some dark secret, some forboding clue.

When really, you're probably just like everyone else.
Except more beautiful.
At least to me.

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