Take Me To Heaven Again

And just like that, right out of the blue
The stars lined up, spontaneous too
An angel was with me, it's just like she knew
The timing was perfect, one body of two

And all night long, we held on so close
It might have been wrong, but nobody knows
The beautiful love we made when we woke
Breaking the silence with soft words we spoke

And all the day through, your sounds in my head
Your whispers, your moans, the way that you said
my name in the heat of the moment, repeat
We conquered what we said we couldn't defeat

And all of my life until now, i've been blue
I've prayed so damned hard, and waited for you
And finally here, you're easing my pain
I Love You, Please take me to heaven again :):)

:):) Life Is Good!:):)

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