I Love You Completely

So many years, not even knowing, that I was missing one thing
You came along, love starting growing, my soul came alive, you made my heart sing
I never believed that somewhere was someone, tailor made for my dreams
The angel I needed, the perfect young woman to set me on fire, it seems

You touch me in places, you move me in ways, I never have felt before now
I thought that I knew what true love felt like, I was wrong til you showed me somehow
It's just like you know, whenever we're close, exactly the right thing to do
You're driving me wild, you set me on fire, I can't get enough of you

Don't ever change, don't alter your ways, you're all that I can't live without
What I mean to say, is i love you this way, I know this without any doubt
You're holding the cards, you're holding my heart, I couldn't back out now, not ever
You're one of a kind, you've consumed my mind, I'll love you completely, forever :):):)

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