MY Angel

For all of my life, as long as i've known,
part of me always has felt so alone.
A hole in my heart, an ache in my chest,
something inside of me causing unrest.

Then suddenly one day, and out of the blue,
the dream that I dreamt started to come true.
The angel i'd prayed for, a friend for my soul,
the feelings I needed to make me feel whole.

Someone to laugh with, to cry with, to trust,
to walk with, to hold close, to sigh with, and just
to plain fall in love with, someone I can call
and know that they'll be there to give me their all.

I know I can't keep you, and call you my own,
that after I see you, you have to go home.
but you are still with me long into the day,
locked inside my heart, and that's where you will stay.

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