Come back 4 my soul

I'm waiting on something that may never be
I want her so badly. For eternity
i'm willing to keep my heart open in case
Though it might get lonely, I'm willing to face
A lifetime of loneliness, ending in pain
These feelings I have are so hard to explain
But if I can't have her, no other will do
I'd rather be broken and empty and blue
She lights up my world with the way that she smiles
I hear her sweet laughter, though I might be miles
away from her warm tender loving soft kiss
When she is not near, She is all that I miss
I ache for her deeply, I love her so much
I'd do almost anything, to feel her touch
Her voice calls out to me, whenever she speaks
Whenever I kiss her, I taste her for weeks
There's nothing about her that dulls my desire
I'm head over heels or my heart is a liar
I'm hopelessly caught up in all that she is
But alas she's not mine, right now she is his.
I'm jealous of him, he has all that I want
I should tell him about us, but know that I can't
I'd lose her forever, I'd break up her life
She promised her husband, I promised my wife
This game we are playing I know I can't win
I'll play til the end, but where do I begin
to make sense of the rules, have I already lost?
who cares, like I said, whatever it costs
For now I will tell her, when ever I can
I honestly love her, and somehow she ran
away with my heart, and I've made it my goal,
To have her come back someday soon for my soul.

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