Goodbye, Kindred Spirit

I wrote an epic poem about the journey I just put myself through
But I won't post it on this undeserving page
I `ll wait till my book is published.
Perhaps you would have forgiven me by then and will read it.
You'll be my motivation for getting the word out there.
After all, I couldn't have made it without you.
You guided my soul. You have no idea.
You brought back my memory
You rekindled my spirit.
I had to know why I needed to know someone like you.
I didn't have the capablity to love then as I do now.
But I took your advice when you told me never to ignore love
I always followed your advice.
Why, I do not know.
Perhaps it was my lack of a father that made me turn to you.
Perhaps all I needed was the little bit of love I got from you
To push me through, to help me let go of that broken girl
And be the woman I am today.
Something clicked.
And now I think I know why I found you
Though I cannot explain it.
All I had to do was surrender to find out
Though it cannot be put into words.
I stopped hating you so I wouldn't love you.
I can feel now.
I won't try to forget and suppresst that little girl anymore.
But I can let go of her now.
Sometimes circumstances come at you so fast
That you do not have time to make amends
Or to even commend those who have guided you,
Those who you never said goodbye too.
I knew you in my last life
And I'll know you in the next.
I'll never forget you and I know this,
Because last night, I felt you beside me in my bed
As I would had I ever had the opportunity to spend one night with you
at my side.
I always knew when to expect a letter in my box
As I know now that I will never get another one again (and I thank you for that)
I visited you in the astral plane before, I never told you.
You were standing near some dresser drawer and I thought you saw me.
We are linked you and I, and I'm no longer embarrassed to admit it.
And one last thing I never told you before I finally say goodbye.
I always thought you had the most beautiful blue eyes.

Did I go through all of this so you could enlighten me?
Perhaps I did
Or perhapsÂ… I just missed you.

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