If Only You Knew

If only that day in that cold winter weather
When tragedy hit, and brought us together
Was somehow undone, not happened at all
Where would we be now? For who would we fall?

A strange circumstance, a friendship rekindled
A new love was growing, where old ones had dwindled
If only we knew then what we feel today
Would we still have let fate guide us on our way?

I wish I could turn back the cruel hands of time
To before he was yours, and before she was mine
To see if these feelings would still be this strong
If only I had you to love, all along

If only you knew what I have to give
To someone i'm willing to spend my life with
Who knows how to love, forgive, and to dream
Who knows what they want, who'll work as a team
Who'll hold me and be held When happy or sad
Who'll stand tall beside me through good times and bad
Who'll teach me, not judge me, through all my mistakes
Who'll lay down beside me untill I awake

If only that day took other direction
My heart would still ache for loves resurection
You saved me in time, If only you knew
I'm so thankful for that, so thankful for you.

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