I wrote a prayer for you today maybe it will take some pain away,You blessed my life 7 yrs ago i think it's time i let you know........ God please shelter toni's soul i love him like father only you would know.Your ways are mysterious it's said day by day,but my mind is at ease knowing you can show me the way.I come to you in prayer cause i love my dear friend, I wanna talk to him and learn about the life he's been in.I have a million quetions running through my mind looking for some answers but i feel i dont have time.God help me rest my mind with ease can i rest my head on your shoulder just for a moment please? I wish i could hold him and tell him everything will be ok, I wanna snapp my fingers and make all his pain go away. I love you toni and i wish forever you can stay right by myside as we pray,but i will be ok for the rest of my days as long as i have a moment to say you've blessed my life in more than one way ,but i cant say exactly what i wanna say just know that i love you and in my mind and heart you will always stay!

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