You couldn't ask for 2 better friends
One's that will stick with you through the end
When ya startin over
It's hard to begin
That's why you need
2 true friends

Color's not an issue
To me you see
It's one thing to know
And another to be free

Some may say
And others may call
Some will even laugh
When you fall

But true friends
Such as these 2
Will outweigh any army
If you only knew

With 2 true friends
You don't need no mo'
For there's no tellin'
How far you can go

True friends are there
For the rest of your life
Thick and thin
Trouble and strife

Thats why you need
2 True friends
Honest and true
To stand beside them
As they do for you

That's why you need
2 True friends
To be bold not cold
2 True friends are worth more than gold

2 true friends
Are there when you need
It works both ways
Why can't people see

It's not a one way street
With no ticket back
That's what friends are for
Not to stab you in the back

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