I'm colorblind to any color except black gray and white. Through the darkness only you I can find because you provide my life with light.I'm colorblind without you.
I'm standing here staring into your beautiful brown eyes.I remember when you kissed me for the first time. There were no sweet goodbyes.
I'm colorblind to any other colorful insight.
When darkness swallows me whole.
your voice helps me to see the left from the right
you help me again find the lighter side of my soul.
I m listening to you as you say" I'm holding the gun and I'm willing to pull the trigger on our friendship" I can remember I was sad all day.Thinking I had just lost you and that you would soon fade.
I'm colorblind without you. everything I see is now black and white.
A single word from you fixed what was broken but The flame never grew it stayed content It was never mutual a friendship bent.
I slipped and said "I love you"all of it was true your love never conquered over a favorite pair of worn out always choose over the new.
Black and white is all I see when it comes to life and you and me. I believe we are meant for more than what's been bent. after you see past the cracked window glass. you'll see me despite the collage of old memories that contain what your life use to be. and let life be what it should.
You will know. when you see life and you and me abstract, without color you will be colorblind without me. I'll be waiting to see you with your beautiful eyes, amazing smile and your brand new shoes you wiil then always choose. A part of me believes I will always lose the other part of me says I'm colorblind without you and it's a horrible way to live life. nomatter the struggle, the strife. I"M COLORBLIND WITHOUT YOU IN MY LIFE>

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