Its your mans face and yet you see mine, but he’s the one who gets all the pleasure
But if he knew what we were doing, that you were my secret little treasure
That I saw what he takes for granted, that I wish I could have that chance
That I wish I could be in your arms, that I want to do the lover’s dance

Why can’t he see that your are so sweet, and all you need is to smile
I’d do all I can to see those precious lips of your, for your beauty, I’d walk that extra mile
How can two people have so much in common, and not be able to share all they share
At least through the eyes of a lens I can get to see that beautiful stare

Some people would just not understand, In other’s eyes it might be a sin
But not being able to share all we have might be the biggest sin there’s been
Every time I see those beautiful lips, seeds get sewn and flowers bloom
It’s amazing how much they do for me, how they can scare away all the gloom

We might not get a chance to do all the things we’d love to do
But a best friend you will have in me, and I hope I can have in you
This friendship has benefits that people could never know
But if it is making you happy, why would I ever have to go?

Cause at the end of the day, its all that matters to me
To see your sad face light up, to see you shy and happy
You are the most beautiful person, and you should be told
Everyday you should hear it, and have somebody to hold

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