Today I tried to define how I felt about you. My first thought was to say that I loved you. However, when I thought about these three simple; but expressive words I decided that they are not adequate to express how I feel. Countless friends, lovers and family members to include me have used these words and will continue to use them. I would say that their use is very common.

So in the interest of truly expressing myself I can only say this. "You complete me!" However, our friendship may be defined. Whatever the twist and turns our lives may take. Know that I am forever grateful to have been fortunate to add you to my life, no matter how our relationship defined by you. No action you take or do not take will change this. I will support you in the way you would expect of me.

"No judgments, no deceit, no expectations."

To believe all things to hope all things to endure all things, there is no joy greater then the simple clarity of purpose. Moreover, that purpose is to love you.

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