Chances Are

When your not looking at all
You take that chance to fall

To meet people that you never met before
And to open up the door

You may be afraid to show
What you want other's to now

But it couldn't hurt to let someone in
Just let your heart be out there to win

He may be the one but no one knows
Until you go over his apartment wearing his clothes

Then maybe he could be the one
Both walking on the beach in the hot sun

Take that chance to fly
Because you never know if he will pass by

So give that person a chance
To really win you over with a rhythmic dance

And even though you have been burned
Well this is your second chance to have learned

Take whatever comes your way
Take it day by day

Then maybe someone will hear your call
And send an Angel strong and tall

Take a chance in your dreams
You may be surprised at what it seems

Let your heart guide you
And let it tell you what to do

Because you never know if this chance will come again
And then that will be the end.

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