"As an infant, my eyes flatter’d the brow

But beyond the cradle, I engag’d in but war

Hardly happy or content shouldering my throne

I was the fool that revell’d at his own flaws

Alas! Tides of pleasure were adorn’d by time

While patterns of grace and courage spill’d their shine

As true foes gathered at large where’er I dwell’d

Flattering my thoughts as my true friends fled

But my power quicken’d without a thought

Then esteem’d the inestimable that shred the ach’d heart

So victory refuted alas all that I tread

Measur’d my plans as they sift’d and fell

I watched my throne awaken’d by my stead

For the valour I bribed and the judgement I lost

Ah! Long were the hours I ventur’d in vain

As truth spur’d though fear remain’d"

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