Only The Strong Survive

My daughter I see the pain in your eyes
I hear it in your tone,
I want you to know, you are not alone.
I am here to make you laugh if only
for a while,
I would go the distance if it could make you smile.
There is nothing I can really offer that
will act as medicine for a heart shatterered
There is my love to calm the hurt
and my hand to collect what is scattered.
I too endured the break ups when I was a young girl,
I too had that inner hurt and felt the crumbling of my world.
This is one of the storms in life everyone
goes through,
The storm called love
that has captured you.
It is felt like a calm breeze that overwhelms
your inner being
and sometimes the ending is unpleasant
as the future you're nolonger seeing
But this will pass, time heals
and joy again
will arrive,
Just hold your head up baby girl
Only The Strong Survive...

To my daughter V. Love mom 2007

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