Just For Fun

It started out to be just for fun
And then it was just to get things done
Before you know it, it over takes you
Without realizing what all you'll go through
You try to keep it under control
I've seen so many sell their souls
You lie and steal for just a line
And never stop to see the signs
No one ever thinks thy're hooked
Although you probably never looked
Because if you did you'd know your lost
And then you'd see at just what cost
You think that everything is great
And then it starts to seal your fate
No more family, homes or cars
You can't remember who you are
You're friends all say
You'll hit rock bottom
And soon you learn
To live without them
It doesn't happen overnight
But once it does
It holds on tight
The pain you feel is self afflicted
It's time to face it you're addicted
Everyday you say you're gonna quit
But we all know it's just bull-#*%$
You try to pretend It's all a show
Still not realizing the lengths you'll go
If only you would have "Just said no."

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