If You Were Mine

If you were mine
You'd wake to my sunshine
And if you were moody
I'd melt it away
With my river of laughter
And my smile for your day.
Cause you know that it's true
That I never smiled brighter
Than when I was with you.
And nothing would matter
But the strength of our love.
I would give our kids mirth
They'd be blessed from above
I'd show them what living is all about
I'd fill there days with fun
They'd never have a doubt
And everynight, I would bring you bliss
And if you were angry,
I'd change that with a kiss.
And no one would mind
Cause you know that it's true
Everyone would love
The way that I treat you.
And no matter how poor we are
No matter how much the outside world
Wants to leave a scar,
We'd be impervious to their hits and their throws
We'd laugh at their pettiness.
We'd joke at their woes.
I'd dedicate my heart and my soul to you.
You'd never be lonely,
you'd never be blue.
I'd serve you, I'd heal you
With my loving touch
You'd never get tired of it
You'd love me so much.
And you'd never have to worry
About washing away my saddness
Or wiping my tears dry
Cause if you were truly mine,
I'd have no reason to cry.

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