All that I See

It’s been so long since you were at my side,
I’ve told the world that you mean nothing to me,
But now I find that I can no longer lie,
Because you are still all that I see,

And I have tried, in vain, to live my life,
Because everything reminds me of you,
And I have tried, to pull you out of my thoughts,
But now I know that I will always love you,

Since I lost you the days seem so long,
Without you these years have been unfilled,
Without you everything is just so wrong,
Without you my life just seems unreal,

I have tried so hard to leave you in the past,
To pull you out of my tired soul,
How I wish that I could love again,
That your love wouldn’t haunt me anymore,

And I yearn to be at your side again,
How I need the sweet taste of your lips,
How I wish that I could turn back time,
It is you, and only you, who I miss,

And when I dream; I hope to be free,
But I have always been your slave,
Because you are all that I see,
And because you are all that I crave,

And I try to keep my thoughts away from you,
But you have always been my life,
And I think of you each and every day,
It no longer matters if it’s wrong or right,

I don’t know how to forget you,
How to pull you out of my tired soul and heart,
I have loved you for most of my life,
A new life without you I just can’t seem to start,

Tell me; without you, how do I go on?
How do I go on when you are all that I see?
And how do I pull you out of my life?
If these years without you have been my greatest misery

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