Sincere prayer

After a bad day I’ve had
When I'm feeling very sad
I speak to my dad
His words make me glad

When caught in high tide
Tired of life's bumpy ride
In her arms I go hide
My mom, by my side

So much have they given
Their love feels heaven
I wish I could give back, as much, someday
Dear God, my dear Lord, to you I pray

Every sacrifice, I can make
Even my life, you can take
But, grant me my wish, dear God
Their faith in me would never shake

Their wish is I marry
And they have no hurry
Only one thing to me they ask
To find me, my soul-mate, let be their task

Oh dear god, give me the strength
So I can stand up to repay them
They have just asked one tenth
Of all they have given

Oh dear god, give me the power
To trust them in their choice
For all, the love, on me, they shower
I can repay them with thrice!

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