My Coyote Dynamo

I was there just by chance.
You came right up and wanted to dance.
Something about you just pulled me in.
Almost like instant deep friendship on sight.
Did I already know you somehow?
You made me feel so comfortable.
A real gentleman you were.
Your hand in mine felt so right.
Just when I really needed it you made my night.
It never felt like we had just met.
And those eyes.
The way you looked at me.
You were just so sweet.
I know there is a gap between you and I
but no gap were it is most important.
Even though in time, ultimately your life will probably take a different direction.
We could have something special-no matter how
long we are there for each other.
That night was a turning point for me and I
just cant seem to get you off my mind.
It's not because of what you're thinking,
it's just because you were just so damn sweet to me.
I hope you can see
Maybe this is meant to be.
I'll always think of you as my "itallian stallion".

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