I Think It's You

I thought I heard your whisper in the breeze
But it’s just the gentle wind blowing in the trees

I thought I felt your warmth nearby
But it’s just the sunlight beaming down from the sky

I felt your tears of joy and tears of pain
Wait a minute that’s just the rain

I see your reflection in the windows when I walk down the street
But it’s just my lonely eyes deceiving me

I smelled your perfume and I couldn’t focus
Until I realized it was just a bed of roses

And I tasted your soft kiss
Never mind, it was only the honey on my lips

I heard your heart beat
No, it was just a love song and its beautiful melody

I feel like someone is watching me twenty four seven
And I think it's you every now and then.

Sometimes I think it's just me going crazy
Or just my mind playing tricks on me

I know I still feel your touch
When I'm missing you so much

And I still hear your voice
Over all this loud city noise

But the thing that gets me through
Is knowing I’ll be seeing you soon

And fall in love all over again
When I see you in heaven

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