Perfect Day Starter

Today is goin to be a day of mad beauty,
so cutie, dont be offended or moody,
cause truly, this day was made for you to think,
and link, ideas of why i claim your unique,
dont shrink, to any level below yours for nothing,
and something, good will happen in a sudden,
keep brushin, off the haters and continue on to love em, above them, is always sunshine in rare places,
take paces, slow, and easy no need for rushin races, there's traces, of goddessnes in every step you take, so make, the right decisions reguardless what is on ya plate,
and shake, ya eyes open so you and i can relate, never too late, to see beauty in my life and yours, cause the beauty i got is yours, your a diva, deserve nothin less then that title, a diety idol, revolutionized icon for the up coming....

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