The Lady I Am

The Lady I Am

You see me for the lady I am
If you can really understand
Don’t see me for the lady you hear about on the streets
Get to know me better
And you will realize that you people I will defeat
You see a beautiful person
But still you judge me from what you hear
You don’t look within yourself
But instead you say such cruel things as if we were sheer
The ones that speak the most
Are actually talking about themselves
They work so hard to hide their own rep
So they make us go through hell
Now I’m telling you
Not to put those people down
But it’s to tell those ladies going through what I am going through to
Just succeed and not to put your head down
You are a lady for who you are
You are the lady that God made you out to be
You are the lady that’s doing your business
Whether it’s good or bad
We are not the ones to judge
But you are not the lady that they put you out to be
They obviously have no business of their own
You’re big for not reacting, but they think they are so grown
So to all the ladies that I am talking about
Keep your head up and stay strong
Always keep it real
Be the lady you are
Don’t even let em be a hunch on your back
Live your life
When you prove all of em wrong
Keep it movin’, don’t look back
Lift your head to the sky and stay on track.

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